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It’s National Ag Day!

Tip of our hat to all those involved in agriculture! It’s National Ag Day, and we’ll check-in with Montana Farm Bureau Federation Executive Vice President Scott Kulbeck to see how Montana’s ag producers are doing across the state.

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What is going on in the banking world?

What is going on in the banking world? Did the Silicon Valley Bank failure crack open a floodgate? How has the response from governments and the financial world helped, or hindered the unease? Montana financial consultant Mike Vondra will join

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Montana State Fund Turnaround

The state’s worker’s compensation insurance fund – The Montana State Fund  – has had a rocky past, going back to 1990 when the state took costly steps to prevent insolvency.  Fast forward to 2023, where Montana’s worker’s comp rates are

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Rep. Derek Harvey – Minority Party Hour

Representative Derek Harvey will take the lead in this week’s Minority Party Hour – the Butte native will talk about labor issues before the legislature, and, how could we resist – we’ll about his hometown’s beloved and world-famous favorite Holiday

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MT Rep. Ryan Zinke and State Rep. Bill Mercer

Montana Western District Representative Ryan Zinke took to the House floor Wednesday to speak out against a proposal to withdraw US Troops from Syria. The former Navy Seal Commander will be our guest Thursday to talk about America’s defenses. We’ll

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