Voices of Montana


James Brown, Candidate for State Auditor

Election Connection Coverage from the Northern News Network: James Brown is a candidate for the Republican nomination to serve as Montana’s State Auditor and Commissioner of Securities and Insurance. Follow the constitution. Serve as your government watchdog. Commit to protecting

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A Day at Montana’s Special Olympics

The Montana Special Olympics Summer Games took place in Billings, with some 1400 athletes competing over three days, and as many volunteers and mentors also at the games. Join us as we broadcast live from the finish line and talk

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Feds’ Open Border – What Can Montana Do?

One of unforeseen consequences of the Biden administration’s open border policy is that states don’t have appropriate laws on the books to help manage a large influx of aliens in the country illegally. What has been done around the country

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WHO, Fed Overreach Keeping AG Austin Knudsen Busy

Attorney General Austin Knudsen has joined a coalition of 21 other states pushing back against the World Health Organization’s so-called “Pandemic Agreement,” which Knudsen says gives the global non-governing organization unprecedented and unconstitutional powers over the American people. Click on

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Susie Hedalen – Candidate for OPI

Election Connection Coverage from the Northern News Network: Susie Hedalen, GOP candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction: Bio taken from Susie’s website: https://www.susieforschools.com/ Susie Hedalen is the Superintendent of Townsend School District and the Vice-Chair of the Montana Board of

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