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The Minority Party Hour!

It’s the Minority Party Hour today on Voices of Montana, with Representative Kim Abbott, Senator Ryan Lynch and Representative Mary Caferro. Guest Hosted by Russ Fagg.

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Trans-Montana Charity Snowmobile Ride!

Mark Smolen & Cliff Walter join us to talk about the Trans-Montana Charity Snowmobile Ride, a five-day trek from Lincoln to West Yellowstone, in support of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Visit www.trans-Montana.org for more information. With Guest Host

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Water Rights Protection Act of 2023

Water policy consultant Drew Lesofski (leh zoff ski) will join guest host Kyle Riley to discuss the Water Rights Protection Act of 2023 – recently introduced by a group of Western Senators to protect against government overreach on private property

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Paint the State – Montana Meth Project

The state of Montana, along with the Montana Meth Project, have just launched a new outreach campaign called “Paint the State.” We’ll find out more about it and how it’ll help in Montana’s battle against illicit drugs, as Amy Rue,

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Tips from the Taxman!

Are you ready for your 2022 taxes? Paul Harper, Montana’s Tax Payer Advocate, joined the program to discuss some of the new items to be aware of on the 2022 forms. We also talk about where the IRS will utilize

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Majority Party Hour!

This week’s Majority Party Hour features Montana House Speaker Pro Tem. Rep. Rhonda Knudsen from Culbertson to discuss the major issues passing through the House of Representatives this session. We’ll also be joined by Senate President Pro Tem. Ken Bogner

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