Voices of Montana

Voices of Montana
Voices of Montana
June 4H Spotlight

Joe Cantwell, Age 14, Butte, Silver Bow County, Western Region Nominee
Joe Cantwell is always challenging himself through 4-H. He works hard at each of the projects he enrolls in, showing up to meetings, taking on new roles within projects and his club, as well as helping others learn. He is involved in many projects including Archery, Shotgun, Swine, Photography, and the Teen Leadership project. Joe is consistently the first to show up and the last to leave, showing true leadership and mentorship for others.

He has become a role model to younger members within the past two years. You can find Joe at archery meetings early to help members become more confident through encouragement and coaching. He also organized the Adult Round Robin at the 2023 Butte-Silver Bow County Fair to help raise funds for kids to go to the 2024 4-H camp.

Landon Molitor, Age 17 , Havre, Hill County, Central Region Nominee
Landon Molitor is an active member in the Hill County community through organizations such as 4-H and FFA.
Molitor is the essence of perseverance as his own hardships have resulted in him having to step into a larger role alongside his brother. He is passionate about supporting others in the face of adversity and rising above the fray.
He has shown that with a good work ethic and passion, you can persevere through adversity while supporting others. Landon is a true model of learning by doing as well as leadership.

Cayla Hanson, Age 17, Sidney, Richland County, Eastern Region Nominee
Cayla Hanson is enrolled in the poultry project, lamb, goat, rabbit, horse, and photography in Richland County.
Hanson is passionate about learning and teaching. She embodies “hands for larger service” by always lending a helping hand with zero complaints. Her involvement in her community has brought joy to many.

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