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Voices of Montana
Voices of Montana
Susie Hedalen - Candidate for OPI

Election Connection Coverage from the Northern News Network: Susie Hedalen, GOP candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction:

Bio taken from Susie’s website: https://www.susieforschools.com/

Susie Hedalen is the Superintendent of Townsend School District and the Vice-Chair of the Montana Board of Public Education. She previously served as Deputy Superintendent for Montana Office of Public Instruction and has extensive experience working in the K-20 school systems throughout the state.

Susie’s work in the education field spans decades; she has worked as an educator and administrator in class C to AA schools across Montana and has collaborated with various Tribal Nations.

Susie understands school funding streams and is experienced in managing federal programs at the school and state levels. She is passionate about working with school administrators, educators, and students. Susie enjoys supporting children of all ages and understands the urgency for mental health awareness and prevention in Montana.

Susie graduated from Montana State University, Bozeman, with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, a Master’s in Educational Leadership, and a Certificate in Native American Studies. She currently resides with her husband, Derrick, in Townsend.


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