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Crazy Mountain Swap & Eyes on 4,000 Legislative Drafts

The Crazy Mountains, north of Big Timber, have been front and center in a handful of public land conflicts in recent years. Currently, the US Forest Service is considering a land swap of approximately 5-thousand acres to consolidate access to federal lands in a large swath of private and public parcels on the eastside of the range.

Kerry White, a long-time Montana public lands advocate with Citizens for Balanced Use, will join us to talk more about that land swap, and how a collaborative effort helped preserve important snowmobile trails around Big Sky.

And, with more than 41-hundred draft bill proposals already in the proverbial legislative hopper, we’ll talk with the new executive director of that so-called hopper – Jerry Howe, whose staff plays a critical role in helping Montana’s citizen legislature craft the bills to do its job.

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