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Elections and Rodeo Grounds as Critical Infrastructure

The 2022 mid-term elections are looming, while the integrity of the last election continues to be scrutinized. Today we’ll talk with author and former Michigan State Senator Patrick Colbeck. An aerospace engineer and a specialist in the election process, Colbeck will address how purported election fraud can happen and the need for improvements in the election process. He is in Montana to give a presentation at the Montana GOP convention this week entitled “Elections as Critical Infrastructure.”

Then we’ll travel to Stanford, Montana, and talk about “rodeo grounds as critical infrastructure,” as a group from Judith Basin – the CM Russel Stampede Club – has spearheaded the raising of $1-million dollars toward the construction of new fairgrounds and rodeo arena. We’ll also talk about the 58th annual CM Russell Stampede, one of the region’s oldest PRCA rodeos, taking place this weekend in Stanford.

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