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Resilience and Grit: How far does it go when we’re talking about our kids and the pandemic?

The long-term impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on Montana’s kids is not yet known, but what are the short-term effects and what are they telling us about the possible ramifications?

On Tuesday, listen as Daniel Champer, a clinical director at Intermountain in Helena, will discus what he and his colleagues are seeing right now and some of the issues our youth are dealing with as it pertains to COVID.

Then later…

It’s been talked about for many years, and now the Treasure State is finally moving forward with adding a shot clock to prep basketball. It’s going to drastically change how some teams play. The state also adding baseball as an official high school sport.

On Tuesday, the president of the Montana High School Association, Mark Beckman, will talk about the decision, the potential good and bad of the move, and why now was the right time to make changes.

The Montana Radio Company’s Troy Shockley will be the guest host from Helena.

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