Voices of Montana

Voices of Montana
Four Bills Focused on Tort Reform

Todd O’Hair and Charles Robison from the Montana Chamber of Commerce and State Senator Steve Fitzpatrick (R-Great Falls, Senate District 10) join us to discuss four bills focused on tort reform.

  • SB165 – Insurance Claims Cooperation
  • will enhance cooperation, reduce litigation, and eliminate the incentive to “set up” an insurance company for bad faith cause of action.
  • SB216 – Product Liability Reform
    • implements common sense reforms to current product liability law, protecting manufacturers and Montana businesses.
  • SB236 (Formerly LC0931) – Set Standards for Time-Limited Demands
    • implements requirements for time-limited demand letters to promote fair and reasonable settlements of claims.
  • SB269 – Establish consumer protections and disclosures in litigation financing

With Guest Host Kyle Riley 

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