Voices of Montana

Is Montana’s Primary Election Process Prime for a Change?

Voices of Montana
Voices of Montana
Is Montana's Primary Election Process Prime for a Change?

A group of Montanans have been given the go-ahead from the State Supreme Court to begin signature gathering on a measure that would change Montana’s two-party primary election process. The group, Montanans for Election Reform (MER), is proposing a system where the top 4 primary vote-getters, regardless of party, move on to the general election. A companion measure would then require that a candidate garner at least 50-percent of the vote to win.

To learn more, click on the podcast as former Republican state legislators Rob Cook from Shelby, and Frank Garner from Kalispell, members of MER, discuss the proposals and why they believe it’s a step in the right direction toward better governance.


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