Voices of Montana

Voices of Montana
Voices of Montana
On the Need for a New Vet Clinic

Taking good care of our pets and animals could become more of a challenge as the number of veterinarians is projected to lag far behind the growing demand for services.

Between 1980 and 2010, there was only one new Veterinarian school to open across the country — and today, there are still only about 35 DVM, (Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine) schools – none within 400 miles of central Montana.

Today we talk about reversing that trend with Dr. Robert Murtaugh, Founding Dean of Rocky Vista University, College of Veterinary Medicine, which was recently approved to be established at RVU’s Montana Campus, in Billings.

Dr. Murtaugh joined us in-studio to lead a discussion with practicing veterinarians and members of the ag community about the project and its potential impact.

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