Voices of Montana

Voices of Montana
Voices of Montana
St. Mary Siphon Failure - What Happened, What's Next

Another failure of the St Mary’s Diversion project has local project and irrigation managers coming together quickly for solutions. A canal siphon blowout, northeast of Babb, caused local flooding, erosion, and property damage, but repairing and replacing a large section of the century-old conveyance project will be an enormous expense, and time is of the essence.  will take time and money. Public safety becomes a part of the concern as the the canal closes, potentially leaving some Hi-Line communities without public water.

Click on the podcast as Marko Manoukian, Co-Chair of the St Mary Rehabilitation Working Group, provides the early update ahead of a public meeting in Malta on Thursday June 20, 6pm, at the Great Northern Hotel.

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