Voices of Montana

Voices of Montana
Voices of Montana
"Return"ing Veteran Finds Peace in War-Torn Past

Some wounds don’t revel themselves as readily as others. And while advances in PTSD research and treatment have helped tens of thousands of veterans, sometimes it takes getting off the plane and back on the ground to seal-the-deal. That’s one takeaway from the moving documentary “Return,” by Beartooth Films.

Click on the podcast to hear the story of Vietnam veteran and Green Beret officer Jim Markel Sr., who with his son, Jim Jr., and Beartooth Films story-tellers Pete Tolton and Stan Parker document the healing and the moments and people that helped make it happen as Jim Sr. returned to Vietnam for the first time since serving there in the war some 45 years ago.

(Pictured left to right: Jim Markel Jr., Pete Tolton, Stan Parker, Tom Schultz, Jim Markel Sr.)


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