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Majority Party Hour!

This week’s Majority Party Hour features Montana House Speaker Pro Tem. Rep. Rhonda Knudsen from Culbertson to discuss the major issues passing through the House of Representatives this session. We’ll also be joined by Senate President Pro Tem. Ken Bogner

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Warrior Transition Outdoors

Warrior Transition Outdoors is a new non-profit being birthed out of Montana. It’s still in its infancy, but gaining traction on a national level. We’ll speak with Sgt. Gavin Erickson, and his brother Gabe Erickson about their organization’s aim for

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Montana’s Economy with Pat Barkey and Bryce Ward

What is the economic impact of Montana’s wave of in-state migration? How long will our economy face recession pressures? Join BBER Director Pat Barkey, and economist Bryce Ward, keynote speaker at the 48th annual Economic Outlook Seminar Series, for an

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NorthWestern Energy – Colstrip Units 3 & 4

NorthWestern Energy has announced an agreement with Avista for the no-purchase price acquisition of Avista’s share of Colstrip Units 3 and 4. It will put 222 megawatts of power production in NorthWestern’s portfolio by 2026. NorthWestern Energy’s Brian Bird, President

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Martin Luther King Jr – Becoming King

Acclaimed author and Martin Luther King, Jr. researcher Dr. Lerone Martin will join University of Montana Professor Tobin Shearer to discuss the upcoming UM President’s Lecture Series presentation of “Becoming King: How a Wavering Teenager Became a Global Icon.”

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