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Opening The Hatch Into The USS Montana

There’s a boat bound for open seas with our name on it. Well, it’s a submarine, actually. A shifty, state of the art attack sub known as the USS Montana that’s getting ready for open sea trials this fall. Click the

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Voices EDU: More Masks For The New School Year?

School is almost back in session across Montana, but there are still questions about mask mandates and keeping students and staff safe from the delta variant of COVID-19. Click to hear Montana’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen talk about

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Cowboy Poetry & The Cost of Removing Dams

A Hawaiian Cowboy and a lawsuit concerning the Oregon Dams? Yes, you are still listening to the Voices of MONTANA podcast. In this episode, we explore the far-reaching impacts of Montana individuals and resources from beyond the Treasure State. Click

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Forest Management: What Can We Do Better?

From the Timber Wars of the 90’s, to the courtroom conflicts and burning forests of today, America’s forest management policy is under duress – and it needs work. But what will bring about better results? Click to hear Professional Logger

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