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Live from Conrad and the Golden Triangle

Thanking all those in the agriculture industry for keeping us fed and refreshed. Live from Conrad and the Golden Triangle, click on the podcast to stay connected with your fellow Montanans on the Montana Harvest Tour.

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Fires, Drought and Energy

Governor Greg Gianforte will come alongside to update us on the fires in Montana and the drought status of the state, and then Jim Atchison, of the Southeast Montana Development Corporation, will discuss how Montana’s changing energy landscape still offers

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Family Values Step Forward in Montana’s 68th

Is there a Culture War being played out in the halls of our Capitol? Montana’s 68th Legislature dealt with a number of social issues, approving new laws against sex traffickers, strengthening parental rights, encouraging school choice programs, and limiting experimental

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August 4-H Member Spotlight

Did you know that 4-Her’s are 4x more likely to contribute to their community?  Find out how our nominees for the August 4-H Member Spotlight are contributing to their communities as we hear from Morganne Van Dyke of Prairie County,

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2023 Midyear Economic Update

Montana’s Electricity Supply, Adequate for How Long? A Midyear Assessment of the Outlook for the U.S. and Montana Economies. Presented by the Bureau of Business and Economic Research.

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