PSC Hit By Audit & Tracking Nuclear In Montana

Wyoming has taken the leap, and Montana is at least stepping forward on the pathway to nuclear energy. Where will it lead? Listen to the podcast as State Representative, and Public Service Commission candidate Derek Skees discusses moves by the legislature to explore the potential of nuclear power shoring up the region’s baseload deficiencies. Rep … Read more

Microplastics In Yellowstone Lake And What Can Be Done

Microplastics have invaded one of the most pristine watersheds in the country – Yellowstone Lake. Where do they come from? What kind of danger do they present? Click on the podcast to hear research co-authors, Yellowstone National Park Senior Fisheries Biologist Dr. Todd Koel, and Montana State University PhD candidate Hayley Glassic, discuss the initial … Read more

Looking Ahead To Montana’s New Seat In Congress With Ryan Zinke

With the results from the latest census count, we now know that Montana will be getting a second seat the the U.S. Congress….again. But we are still months away from finding out what the new districts and boundaries will look like. What we do know is at least one of the candidates who will be … Read more

Butte’s Praxis Center & Rural Health Beyond the Pandemic

The pandemic has opened our eyes to the advantages of tele-medicine in rural Montana. What’s next? Click on the podcast to hear three of the nation’s leading authorities discuss how to take advantage of the lessons learned to improve and preserve our vital rural heath clinics. Butte native Ray Rogers discusses the planned state of … Read more

Basketball, Legislature & Public Lands

It’s April and there’s still college basketball to play in Montana. The Dawson Community College Buccaneers are ready to compete for a national title in the NJCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and Head Coach Joe Peterson phoned in to discuss the team’s road to the tournament and how they’re preparing for their first round matchup against … Read more

Tow Rope Tour 2021: Helena

For the last stop of our first run, we visited our state capitol to chat with Mountain Health Co-Op President and CEO Richard Miltenberger, Shodair Children’s’ Hospital Major Gifts Manager Adrienna Hines, Brad Smith and Camry Colter with Valley Sand and Gravel and 1889 Coffee House Owner Brett Wiensch. Click to listen to the podcast … Read more

Tow Rope Tour 2021: Great Falls

This edition finds us in Great Falls at Tracy’s Family Diner where we spoke with Kathy Van Tighem and Kevin Sukut with Benefis Health System, Tara Beam from the Roadhouse Diner, Kylie Myers with Buffalo Jump State Park, Double Barrel Coffeehouse Cafe Owner Lucas Cyr, Pasta Montana’s Randy Gilbertson and Tanya Koslosky. We also have … Read more

Voices EDU: A New Chancellor At MSU-Billings

What sort of future of lies ahead for Montana State University Billings? How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected their recent initiatives and plans? Listen to this edition of Voices EDU to hear from the university’s new chancellor Dr. Stefani Hicswa to find out what her vision entails. Dr. Hicswa also dives into MSUB’s response to … Read more

Mexican Cartel Presence in Montana?

Families held as hostages and migrants forced to smuggle drugs. These are some of the scenes Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton, Vice President of the Western States Sheriffs Association, recounts from recent Mexican cartel operations he’s experienced. Sheriff Dutton explains how the cartel made their way up to Montana and how the situation … Read more

Legislative Update: Infrastructure Spending

For our weekly legislative update, Senate President Pro Tem Jason Ellsworth joins us to discuss  broadband expansions and infrastructure spending. Ellsworth also discusses rules in allocating federal funds that have not yet taken effect.